Saturday, 3 April 2010

Circle Journal - Dyan's Page

When I got hold of Dyan's Journal I was terrified!! I had no idea what to do in it for the longest time, then I was inspired by a lady called Megan from the Suzi Blu community. Unfortunately her internet is down so I cant let her know how much she inspired me. Since meeting Dyan and going to Art From the Heart I have learnt to look at things differently and I really think it has had a good effect on me as a person so... Hope she likes it!!!

It started off with the sketch of the face, then masked it off, colour wash sprayed over templates with ranger colour wash's, glimmer mists and crafty notions sprays. Image was then painted and I used an embossing pen and black embossing powder for the writing. I over heated the writing in parts on purpose so it would give a less shiny look and sink into the paper some, I really like the effect it gives on some projects.


patcrafts said...

That's brill Clare I'm sure Dy will like it.
Pat x

Craphty said...

Looks great, well done. You draw really well I wish I could. See you in 2 weeks? x C

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