Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Journaling, New Project and Pan Pastels

First up is the above picture, it is no where near finished. I have decided to go back to my art roots since I went to art school and use the knowledge I have gained in the last 2 years from the crafting world and combine it with what I can remember from art school. She is hand drawn and coloured and has I reckon about 3 hours worth of work left in her, but its all fine detail work which I need natural light for so she has to wait till daytime. She is in my ledger journal and I am sure you will be surprised to learn what I used to make her, but that you will have to wait for when she is finished.

As you can see the above picture was taken in in the evening, the 2 below pictures were taken in daylight, big difference in them.

The above 2 pictures were started at AFTH on Dyan's pan pastel class, had so much fun on this class and now I am in love with this product! The ATC's and tags are winging their way to the USA for Dede to distribute amongst the Ustreamer's.

Annddd last up today is my page from my Sunday journaling regulars group at Dyan's studio. Today was a challenge day and the challenge was to add a spider for Friday the 13th and new years resolutions. We got to trial run some of her up coming CHA products and give feedback on them. Not saying what I used you shall have to wait and see......


Julia Smith said...

You had a great weekend then, great collection of art there Clare, love love love the painted lady, can't wait to see her finished.

happyDiane said...

oh I just love all of the bright colors!! Just fantastic! I will have to make sure that I'm at Dede's to have a chance to win some of your art!

Sheri said...

Awesome stuff. Love everything there!

Doone said...

did I post the comment?

it just disappeared,

blogger phwator

I was saying the value range & contour are coming along nicely - will watch


patcrafts said...

That's a good journal page you did today.