Sunday, 23 June 2013

Soldered Ice Resin Pendant's

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy working with resin before? Probably a thousand times LOL, I thought I would share today a previous project for IndigoBlu that was on TV on Create and Craft last month. The show was a wedding show so I went down the route of gifts for bridesmaid's/Mother/in-law of the Bride. I didn't take step by step pictures but I really wish I had done.

Firstly I took a piece of stampbord, remember that stuff? it was all the rage quite a few years ago and I must have loved it at the time as I recently found a box full of it when I was cleaning all my stash from smoke damage from the fire. The square one was tinted with lilac distress ink as I know it goes paler and leeches out alittle into Ice Resin when poured, I then stamped and gilded the flourish image.

The circle one was done the same way as the square, I tinted the background with a light pink distress ink and then stamped the image. This time I scratched back into the stampbord to highlight some of the flowers and tinted selected parts with more distress ink to make the red and green brighter.

I then edged both pieces with copper foil tape that is found from any stained glass supplier, even ranger has a copper foil tape which works also. I mixed and poured my resin so they were level and left it to cure over night on a level surface where dust would not be able to settle on them. Once cured I hand soldered around the edges and soldered on a jump ring so they could hang easier. I added another layer of Ice Resin on the top to give the domed effect that you can see in the photo.

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Minxy said...

Both look fantastic, but i love the flake one

sam21ski said...

These look fab Clare

I wish I could watch your u-stream recording of your ice resin projects.

Sam xxx

Elly said...

Beautiful!! Love the *real* shine of ice resin.(:o)

Linda said...

Love these Clare, especially the flourish one. Great little gifts for any occasion. Have a great week. Hugs Linda xx

Dana said...

They are beautiful Clare!

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