Thursday, 3 March 2011

1st Birthday Pressie!!

Surprisingly it's not crafty but it is so totally awesome!!! They are called Sweet Skull O Mine and made by Iron Fist and are my new first love!! Ahh but can she walk in them you ask? Why yes I can.... feel like falling over as they make me like a foot taller but I can walk in them!!! then I have to sit down.

Unfortunately I had an accident and lost all my pictures on-line and off line.


Creepy Glowbugg said...

Those shoes are ah-freakin-mazing! Wish I could even pretend to walk in them myself though! I'd just put 'em in my curio cabinet to be admired daily!

Doone said...


i am making you a cat salt dough pusslet

and I WILL now post my shoes

just remind me I said so


Doone said...

darn forgot to post my shoes and my spam

can you remind me on Tuesday - Spam & Shoes for WOYWW?

ha ha

btw coming to AFTH with Darcy in APril - will let you know which class, would love to catch up with you too and maybe hand over the pussie in person so to speak


olive said...

absolutely frikkin jealous Clare.... they are amazing. awesome and wild. good for you..... have a great day tomorrow. hope you arent too busy on the site. hugs xxx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fabulous shoes Clare. Hope you had a lovely birthday :-)
Anne x

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