Friday, 4 March 2011

More pressies some crafty some just cool!

Unfortunately I had an accident and lost all my pictures on-line and off line.

So we have the coolest Steampunk style jacket and necklace ever!! The necklace is double sided too! Inktense blocks that are brand spanking new and a gift to myself from myself and then the last piccy is some of what was in the box full of goodies from the lovely Mitzi who is the kindest and most loveliest person in the whole world!!! Just a shame she is over the other side of the pond or else I would be a regular visitor to her house!! I was blown away by the graphic 45 Steampunk debutant stamps and matching glimmer screens!! Thank Mitzi you are the BEST!!


flutterbycrafter said...

Wow, who's the lucky one xx

olive said...

arent you a lucky girl then... the shoes will go great with the jacket and necklace. hugs xxxx

ArteDar said...

I adore your Steampunk items.....oh my kewl and man~o~man wouldn't I enjoy hanging out with you in Steampunk Fantasy Land with us dressed to impress having a cup o' tea!!!! You sure have good taste and I see all the famous artists that you have brushed elbows doesn't get much better then this. Happy Birthday to YOU....and many more.
Peace Out and ART ON!