Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Postcard for Dede

Yayyyy I got my computer back! Again! Another issue cropped up with my PC causing it to totally loose the internet, luckily I can surf on my laptop but it is very basic and not really able to post to blogger on it, and I hear blogger has been having issues too so I am kinda glad I didn't have that to make me tear out my hair! So to make sure it is working I am making a small post with a picture of a recent item I have created for the lovely Dede's postcard exchange. Big post on the Dina weekend will be coming up shortly if this all goes well!


donnalouiserodgers said...

having been Fortunate Indeed to receive one of your postcards I know it is better then this in real life (I know that sound trite but it is true) I love the way you use colour and composition ( oops that nearly came out as compost....),


patcrafts said...

Love the postcard Clare and of course the images are wonderful.

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