Saturday, 31 December 2011

Someone shoot me now please

Well here's me looking forward to a fabulous new year and a year full of better luck than the last one when I go and ruin it all by running straight into the wheel of my wheely tote bag, of course I had no shoes on. As I shrieked in pain I bent down to grab the hurting area to see my little toe at a strange angle from the middle joint, I touched it and click click click it went straight again then I was on the floor crying like a baby.

Happy New Year from me and my broken toe!


donnalouiserodgers said...


I've done that to both baby toes they didn't mend and I can bend then back in line with my foot - most strange....

no high heels tonight then,

Happy New Year,


sam21ski said...

Happy New Year from one lot of broken bones to another!!


Dee said...

Crickey I bet that was painful. I hope you heal quickly.

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