Saturday, 21 April 2012

Altered Bird Cage

As I have mentioned probably a million times I have been doing the most awesome workshop with the amazing Andy Skinner. When I first heard of Andy I was told "He is the UK version of Tim Holtz" I must disagree, he is nothing like Tim Holtz in style or media. He is our Andy Skinner and no version of anyone but a unique and amazing teacher with a wealth of mixed media knowledge and talent. All his class's are amazing, I have done a couple now and plan on doing many many more.

This project has been completed with the Timeworn Techniques class and so far has turned heads with everyone I have shown it to. I am so happy to have met Andy, he is a such a genuine and talented man!

The first two pictures are the before, the rest the after. When dark and with a candle inside it does glow quite nicely. I image transferred some map paper onto the glass to make it transparent.


Julia Smith said...

Fabulous project Clare, what a transformation - great job.x

CraftygasheadZo said...

Such a fab transformation! Love what you've done with it. Zo xx

Shoshi said...

Wow Clare, that's gorgeous! What a transformation! I agree with you 100% - Andy is nothing like Tim Holtz!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, and also for linking me to your twitter friends. Much appreciated.


sam21ski said...

Fantastic transformation Clare

Sam xxx

Laura said...


Laura said...

Hi Again! Just cruising by and saw this post. This project came out so beautiful- I love all of the texture and aging techniques. I just discovered Andy yesterday, and I have to agree with you completely- he is not the UK version of Tim. Actually, I would have to compare him to Michael deMeng- do you know him? I think he is similar to him technique wise, but not in execution. That's just my opinion of course- but when I saw Andy's work, I thought of Michael. I'll have to post some things I've done in his workshops. I'm terribly behind! Again- beautiful project and thank you for sharing!