Monday, 28 May 2012

Art Geeks 26

This weeks Art Geek's prompt is hosted by the creator, the lovely Christy of Gulfsprite. The theme this week is simple things, and the accompanying video to the theme Christy did the most gorgeous page with flowers. I decided to recreate it in my journal because I loved it so much! While I created my page I thought since Rich was nerding and the internet had a pretty good stable connection that I would also stream it live on Ustream. After I had finished broadcasting I decided to turned the hour and a half stream into a 10min youtube video, so the youtube may look a bit weird, that's because I was talking to my lovely viewers and answering questions as I went.


...the yorkshire fox... said...

...gorgeous piece of work loVe the colours & doodles...Mel :)

Doone said...

love the video - gonna watch it in slow mo too some how... I am in kent in June and Slovenia in July - wanna meet up in August?


ps ATC on the way...

Doone said...

did I click publish late last night?

i'm back tryign to work out how to slow doen the vid so I can copy!!!

ha ha


oh yah - will mail you and ATC to the factory...and how's about a meet up in August? ( in case the last comment never got to you)


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