Saturday, 12 May 2012

Feel special today

Wow do I feel special today! Firstly I had a lovely lunch bought for me in town by the other half, and he bought me a graphic novel of my favourite comic so I have all the issues in one place. Then we come home and I have 3, get this 3 RAK's waiting for me!! How cool is that! The first is from the lovely Deb in Canada. I had been lusting after the stamp in picture 2 for years but never found it, and as far as I am aware it was discontinued years ago. The fabulous Deb found it and got it for me. I was only expecting the stamp which I arranged a trade for but look what she sent me!!!! OMG I HAVE C TAPE!!!!!!!! Love it all Deb thank you so much!

Next up is a lovely gift and a card from the fabulous Mel in the USA. The gorgeous card explains that she has collected from 4 different beaches in various states shells and driftwood especially for me! How lucky am I to have a friend like this!!!! Love it Mel thank you so much for your kindness and thought.

Last but certainly not least was a lovely package from Jen in the land down under, it only took 4 days to arrive, that's better than royal mail! She had said she was posting me a battery operated eraser but I never expected all this extra goodness too! Thanks so much Jen, love it all! Need to go battery shopping tomorrow!

I am truly blessed to have such thoughtful friends! Thank you all so much!


barb said...

Aww Clare, how fun for you!! Such special friends. Glad we all connected, for sure. Thank you again, for the sprayers!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Lucky you lovely goodies. BTW I've been to Tampa beach and Daytona beach so say hello to those shells for me :-)

Redanne said...

A battery operated eraser??? The mind boggles - lol. You have got some great pressies from your lovely friends. Hope you enjoyed your day. Anne x

SusanLotus said...

Snail mail is the best gift I think! :)

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