Monday, 19 August 2013

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme and Ice Resin

Hi everyone, I have recently bought myself a discovery set of Pebeo Fantasy Prisme effects paint, it was very inexpensive and I figured that it would be better to get a taster set to see if I liked it and it actually did what it says on the box rather than paying full whack for a few tubs. In the set you get 6 pots of different colours. I got mine from the Skipton Art Shop, fantastic service from them by the way and fantastic prices too.

So I took a load of random items and had a play. Ranging from bezels to oriental coins, the kind you got with kits from shopping TV when oriental was all the rage years ago, to fragments from Ranger and style stones.

So I followed the instructions, and dripped away in the sections I wanted to colour. I found out a few things. Either my white is faulty or it was too old. It did not work as it should, the consistency of it was nothing like the others and it was clumpy and lumpy no matter how much I stirred and shook it.

The colours are not as easy to blend as they show you in the youtube video's. Mine did not go anything like I had expected from watching them video's.

The following pictures were taken just after I had put in the Prisme solutions and had not dried.

 This first one was mixed black with gold. It kind of worked but did not come out how I had expected or wanted it to.

This one I came out just red, so I turned it over and did just black on its own on the back.

This one I had to do twice, the first time it did not work at all. The second time it came out better

 This one is a Ranger fragment and came out brilliantly just how I wanted it to.

This one the red vanished completely and just looked purple. Once dry the oriental embossing came back through, but covering it with resin made that disappear.

So as you can see not all of them are photographed, I didn't want to show them all as they all had similar things wrong with them. I covered the whole lot with Ice Resin and intend to make them into finished pieces next week.

You can see from the finished Resin pieces that they all do look pretty good even though they didn't turn out as I had intended. I just need to put resin on the back of the circle one, the red side and a final doming layer on the deep black and purple one, top right of the above picture.

I will show the pieces singly, as I finish them.

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Sandy Jones said...

Think they all look great sweet, thanks 4 sharing x

Nikki Killinger said...

These look good to me! I have the paints too, they do have a mind of their own but I kind of like that. Makes it fun seeing what happens. Xx

inkypinkycraft said...

They look pretty good to me! Trace x

Gina said...

I have no idea what they are "supposed" to look like, but I do like the effect you ended up fossilised sea creatures :D XXX

Marita Soutar said...

I like them. The paints created an interesting affect on all the pieces and it looks like fun. I might give it a go. said...

They look fab. Well done x

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