Friday, 23 August 2013


Just got my copy of the Create and Craft club magazine to find that not only is there a HUGE spread of IndigoBlu wedding cards and a full article by my lovely teamie Linda on page 10 and 11, but I am also in the magazine on page 29! I am not mentioned by name but I see some of my projects in the display whooop whooop!

Sooo happy right now, bouncing around the walls!

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Linda said...

Congratulations you. Lovely stuff. I'm joining in with your happy little dance :)xx

ScrappyCamperSisters said...

Congratulations Clare!

sam21ski said...

Hey well done, hope next time they put your name in though as recognition.

Sam xxx

Minxy said...

Cool beans, congrats xo

Jamie Lynn said...

{{clapping}} said...

Your samples look fab, Honey. Sorry you didn't get a mention...non of us did.(I spent ages putting lables and names on everything in a dark studio after the Christmas Show as well.)
Kay x