Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Anna Dabrowska aka Finnabair Workshop

My oh my what a wonderful weekend I had! Totally shattered afterwards but exhilarated at the same time. I headed off to Snazzy's in Swindon on Friday and went via The Stamp Attic too, but unfortunately Wendy was called away, but I shopped anyway muhahaha! Sad to not have met her though, next time! It was quite a nice drive down took it easy and saw a spectacular accident on the motorway at Watford Gap services where I stopped for a lovely coffee, it was a Costa so always good. The hotel was lovely, a premier inn, comfy bed but I was so excited I didn't sleep a wink. All the attendees that were in the same hotel all met up in the bar and had dinner together which was lovely! I got to meet the lovely Astrid who I have known for years and years and never met in person before which was fabulous, but I forgot to get a photo together! Doh! I was sat the whole weekend with some lovely ladies that were mostly local, and very funny! Also I forgot to get a picture with them!

So the workshop with Anna, we did 4 projects in total. A 12x12 layout, a canvas, journal book covers and 3 journal pages. I only finished 1 journal page so I will show the other 2 once I have finished them. The first project was the 12X12 layout and completed on the Saturday morning! Anna is a wonderful teacher and pushes you just enough to get everything done within the time time scale. I never would have imagined I could do this stuff in the time allotted so I quite pleased myself.

The second project on Saturday afternoon was a canvas layout. Again I didn't think I would complete it in the short amount of time we had but again I was pleasantly surprised!

Then we all headed back to the hotel and had a lovely evening together chatting, drinking and eating! I managed to sleep alittle Saturday night but woke up lots during the night worried that I was going to sleep in and miss the class LOL! Sunday morning brought us one HUGE class kit that was quite intimidating at first but we all got stuck into the journal covers, which are fab, I am hunting for some more of these!

The morning saw us completing the covers and the afternoon was taken up by the journal pages. I only finished 1 journal page so I am not showing the others yet.

I had a totally amazing weekend and am so glad, even though it was pricey that I decided to do it. Anna is an amazing teacher, you get a small fortune in the class kit, unlike some other workshops I have been on, this one was truly worth the money! I would recommend it heartily to everyone.

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Linda said...

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend Clare and your projects are simply stunning, what a great workshop! xx

Gina said...

WOW! those layouts and projects are gorgeous. So glad you had a lovely time :D XXX

Minxy said...

Glad U had a great time, it sure was intense!

finnabair said...

Thank you so much for joining my class and all your sweet words. I appreciate it a lot. Hugs.

Moonrose said...

I just love the projects that you did Clare and I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. xxx Joyce xxx

Almo said...

Hi Clare glad to see you had such a wonderful weekend with finnabair, your project is fantastic, looking through the blogs it is amazing how different everybodys project is. Hugs Mo x

patcrafts said...

How lucky are you Clare ,you sound to have had a fantastic weekend and your projects are absolutely stunning Pat

loftylass said...

Looks like you had a fab weekend Clare and ended up with some lovely keepsakes and gained knowledge along the way - what could be better!!

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