Thursday, 26 September 2013

Week 1 and 2 of Silversmithing College

So I have done my first 2 weeks of Silversmith College and I am having a brilliant time! I am totally engrossed in the process so far and my little head is about to explode with ideas and possibilities!

Week 1 was basics health and safety and we got to have a little play on some copper sheeting to test out making marks and whacking stuff! Good fun! Here is a couple of the pieces I did. I should note that none of my pieces are finished in any way as they are needed for evidence for the qualification at the end of the course.

The pieces have photographed really well and look nice and clean and shiny but trust me when I say they are not clean or polished at all, they are pretty grimy, they haven't even seen a pickle bath to degrease them.

The second week we went onto annealing, pickling, polishing and basic shaping with tools, like half round pliers and using mandrels.

It is amazing what you can do with a desk sized polisher!

I might turn this final polished and edged piece into a pendant later, after I have my qualification and no longer need it for evidence of what I have done.

We are on a break now for 3 weeks as the teacher is on holiday so I have time to gather up a toolbox and have a play at home. Next time we are moving onto stirling silver and learning torch soldering and making a finished basic ring. Cant wait! Gem stone setting n stuff like that is to follow.

Enjoy your weekend

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Moonrose said...

Such fun and I'm so envious. My silversmithing class moved from near me to a place I can't get to. x

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