Monday, 22 February 2010

Gutter Girlz Prompt 34

The Gutter Girlz prompt 34 was the perfect inspiration for my moleskine page. Its a very hard subject for me and i spent more time on the background than the writing because i couldnt face the subject. I had a very rough ride with my ex and his family and himself were really quite nasty because my teeth were crooked and i was alittle overweight which fast became alot overweight from all the abuse i received. After having a nervous breakdown and dumping him i felt alot better but i never had a ''smile''. Grandma gave me back my smile in more ways than just cosmetic, but she never got to see the end result. Very hard subject i cant help tearing up even while i write this post so i will leave it at that.


Craphty said...

What a fab job and the journal is great too! Both my daughters had work done. The youngest one ended up having major jaw surgery. They both smile with confidence now it made such a difference in their lives. Grandma will have looked down and seen. x C

patcrafts said...

Oh that is really heartbreaking, just remember people like that are usually very insecure and need to take it out on others. Both my Grand-daughters are having major work on their teeth at the moment.
The journal page is fab both before and after.
Pat xx

olive said...

Clare, you are so much better than them... It was great to meet you at the Claudine bash, I really enjoyed your company though we didnt have much time to socialise due to the whip cracking of the Dyan and Claudine slave drivers!!!!! You are you and be proud of that.... they are the ones missing out... c u on Sunday, I'll save you a seat! Rock on. Ciao

Kim Sonksen said...

Well done on getting a difficult subject scrapped in such a great way. Fabulous page and you are so much better off without him!