Saturday, 24 July 2010

Gutter Girls Prompt 39 (Warning Swearing Involved)

Due to the image of my journal page containing rude words I thought I would put up a random cuteness picture from my kitties first and post a warning. So here's Wodderwick and Stumpalina, they don't share very well and were both fighting over who had the crinkly tube then they got bored and went to sleep in it like this, odd I know. So on to the Gutter Girlz prompt and swearing.

The part of The Gutter Girlz Prompt 39 that I have used is the song Dickhead by Kate Nash, now I can't say I liked it and in no way did the grammar make sense but I used it to my own advantage and changed the grammar (I really couldn't stand it, ''Why are you being a dickhead for'' I mean seriously, no wonder kids these days are like they are, they cant even speak, anyhow back to the topic) So, mixed media piece in my Moleskine journal, Dyan's new inks  and they have 10% off on-line orders at the moment too, Lots of stamping with distress inks and other random inks I put my grubby paws on. If you haven't guessed it yet this is another page about my ex. I cant seem to do anything different when I get him out of my system, the page's all look the same to me, I think its the anger I cant concentrate and just get so annoyed I have to blurt it all out at once so it doesn't look very pretty.

1 comment:

patcrafts said...

Love the kitties and their little story.
Actually love the journal page too I don't mind the swearing think it is very expressive.

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