Wednesday, 28 July 2010

What is that!!!????

What is that?? is the question I had yesterday about 500 times, well its Ruby the ''Labradoodle'' and my sisters almost 1yr old puppy and currently the bane of my life. My Aunt was supposed to be looking after her but when I went to pick up some things yesterday for my Mom I was told ''Take it, its doing my f***ing head in'' so I have to look after her for 2 weeks while my sister is in Spain....... she not trained in any way, an escape artist and doesn't come back so you cant let her get out or let her off the lead, she is eating everything and peeing everywhere, its a good job I have a wash vac, the things already nearly worn out from so much use!! So anyone want a dog? any takers? its err house trained honest!!!!

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suzyq said...

Hi Clare, Thank you for my hug:0)I love you new look blog. That doggy would melt any heart until you realise it's not house trained!! Is there a reason it's not ?, or should i not ask those questions? Is she going to pay you for training it? I say it as you haven't told us it's name, no that's the dogs name not what you're calling it. Lol I've trained lots of puppies so i can imagine how frustrating this must be:<.
God willing i'll be at AFTH on Dina's Sunday workshop, then for our regular Art Journaling and then we are also going to the printer's tray workshop. Wow August is going to be a busy month.
Take care, sue x

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