Friday, 12 October 2012

Pumpkin Fever

Don't you just love a proper Autumn. The leaves all look pretty and there is a crisp chill in the air, well today we are having a proper autumn, not a cloud in the sky, chilly air and bright sunshine. My order of pumpkin spice coffee flavouring arrived, haven't been able to find a supplier for almost 2 years now and I finally found one. It took 2 weeks to arrive but it was certainly worth the wait, I had forgotten how much I loved it!

The pumpkins pictured are my most recent creation which I hand made, painted and grunged up, as well as highlighting with the fabulous treasure gold I recently purchased at the Harrogate craft fair from the lovely Leandra of Paperartsy.

Enjoy! Winter is coming!


sam21ski said...

WOW Clare can't believe that you hand made them, they look like moulds, great job and the treasure gold finishes them off perfectly. So the question is ....... what are you going to with them next?

Sam xxx

Angelica said...

Great pumpkins!

mark gould said...

ah they are cool, love the way you have coloured them up.
Can't say Ill be rushing to buy that coffee though ;) x

The Crafty Chick said...

Wow. Love them. They look amazing. You deserve a coffee after that!

Anonymous said...

Love the Pumpkins! they look fab!

Enjoy your coffee x

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