Sunday, 7 October 2012

Recent Purchases

So long story short when I split with my ex and had a horrendous time I had to get a loan to pay for solicitors and other things. The loan people said unless I choose payment protection I was unlikely to get the loan approved. This now being against the law I decided to claim back the money and did my own PPI claim. Most people do this through a company you see advertised on TV, some of them take nearly 40% of what you are owed of your own money that you paid as payment for claiming it for you. I thought well they can all get stuffed as it is really not that hard to claim it back yourself. I didn't even have my loan's account details as I had already paid it off. I went on-line downloaded the form which took about 30 seconds, filled it in which took about 10 mins and 12 weeks later I have a cheque for my falsely charged payment protection insurance. What did it cost me? 1 signed for envelope at about £2 and then a further 1st class stamp, so in total about £3, instead of 40% of my money. So I got the cheque put it in the bank and then decided to spend half on things I want and the other half put it in my savings account. I spent some at the GNPE Show in Harrogate (post on that coming soon) and some on these 2 beauties.

First up I am sick of hurting my hands cutting chipboard, not to mention the cost of blades for my trimmers so I treat myself to a proper self sharpening Rotarim in A3 size so I can get my chipboard sheets in it without wastage. See the line of funky pixles down the middle of both pictures? this leads me onto my second purchase....

 A new DSLR camera! I love the lumix FZ45 that I currently have but it has unfortunately developed a sensor fault, hence the line down all my pictures. When passing the camera shop I saw this beauty in the window. It is 2 versions newer and cost less than what it would have cost me to get my FZ45 fixed. I haven't had time to charge it yet, only pulled it out the box to love it and squeeze it and call it Fred.


sam21ski said...

Oooh lucky you Clare, so your ex did you a favour in the end then!!!

Great idea to do it yourself.

Can't wait to see all your purchases from GNPE.

Sam xxx

Elly said...

Ok...making a happy comment: Welcome to the Lumix Club (:o)

Anesha said...

Enjoy your cutter and your camera.