Monday, 21 January 2013

Recent Art Journalling

I haven't shown any art journalling for a while so thought I would do a catch up.

My first page came about after a huge disappointment with someone that I considered a great influence to me and someone who I looked up to. I am no longer enchanted by this person and am glad to see the real side of them, instead of the fake one that has been projected for years.

My next page is proof that journalling while drunk is so not a good idea! It represents the fake end of the world when they Mayan calendar ended and all the nut jobs thought the world was going to end. No offence to nut jobs intended.

My next page is my summary to my 2012 journal your year and what I learned from the year, pretty self explanatory I think. The image is from Joe Cartoon hand drawn into my journal.

My final page is for the Creativity Venture and the completion of my personal challenge.

Thanks for Looking!


Jenny Potter said...

Oh I really love your "disenchanted" page, Clare. Hey - even inebriated you do awesome work!

ria gall said...

These pages really stand out for all the right reasons, the colours you use are a great addition to your journalling.

sam21ski said...

WOW they are all fantastic pages and all so different, can't choose a favourite because they all represent different things - all gorgeous in their own way!!

Sam xxx

Jo Rice said...

Hi Clare, hope you are keeping warm, love your pages, especially the first one. Jo. X

Last Door Studio said...

You need to stay off the bottle.. or better yet give us more art while you are tipsy..

Congrats on completing the personal challenge.. loving the detail around the stamp itself.

The Disenchanted page is a postcard waiting to happen.... nice mixed of a bunch of techniques..

Thanks for sharing..


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