Friday, 10 August 2012

Left Over Rubber

Ever bought new stamps and cut them all out leaving you with a huge pile of rubber that would normally go in the bin? Ever think what a waste I wish I could do something with that? Well here is the answer!

All you need is the rubber, a bag or box that you can seal and a slim jim from IndigoBlu. Take the rubber and arrange it on the slim jim, ink as you would any stamp and stamp away. Create your own backgrounds and patterns. Years ago I saw a lady make exotic animal prints this way but I cant find the link to her to share so if you know who it is please let me know so I can link her up.

Once you are finished put the pieces in a suitable container and save for the next time you want to create your own backgrounds.




Michelle said...

So simple yet so clever! Genius!

Allenoel said...

Wonderful idea!

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