Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Quick WOYWW today as I am about to jet off to meet up with fabulous friends, some of which I met on here at WOYWW!

Here is the official piccy of my new car eeeee I LOVE it, this ones not mine its off the VW website

And on the weekend in the new car we went to Crosby Beach and visited the Another Place installation by Antony Gormley, Fabulous, got some awesome photo's, like this! Their is about 200 iron men that are 6'4 in height scattered across a 2 mile stretch of beach. We took a picnic and had a lovely day out. Theirs toilettes at 20p a go and a burger and ice cream van at the free car park if anyone is thinking of going. 1 to 2pm is a good time to go as the tide is out. The figures in the distance in the picture are more men not people on the beach.

Thanks for visiting!



butterfly said...

Love the Antony Gormley figures - so solitary and mournful out there on the sands. Enjoy your new car, and your WOYWW rendezvous!
Alison x

Sandy Leigh said...

Wow! Your new car is gorgeous! Happy WOYWW. Have fun at the beach! --Sandy Leigh

olive said...

loving the car.... and the statues. never heard of this installation before. xxx

Scrappekatten said...

Must have been an amazing view- I meen, with so many strong men...LOL
Katarina #96

sandee said...

I don't get it, the iron men are statues? waving hi from the sandy beaches of Florida :)

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love the new car-it is quite cute and compact. The beach looks like a nice relaxing place to be.

inki said...


donnalouiserodgers said...

I think our Facebook followers know - mostly today we had cake on our 'desks' ha ha

dxx 119 ish

Elly said...

Really 200 ? Lordy, i have a new point at my wish list!!

dix said...

Cake,,,what...i wasn't invited! Thanks for sharing your great photos!

Eliza said...

So all these iron men are statues along the beach and you walk for miles to look at them? Do they ever get washed up and covered by water?

Love the car very modern and sleek.

Happy crafting
Eliza #102

Tertia said...

Lovely new car, hyope you have many happy miles driving it.
Happy very belated WOYWW!
Tertia #116

RosC said...

Hi Clare,
Good to escape the desk now & then. The V-dub is very smooth and cute.
The iron men sound very interesting and must have a fantastic patina in the salty air. There are some bollards along the beach in Geelong that are interesting. They are painted to be people of the foreshore - very different mood but similar in a sense. Will post a couple of pics of them.
Still chugging along to WOYWW folk.
Ros. #14

Ernest Houston said...

Your new car looks really great! Is your car also white, like the one in the picture? Looks like it’s got a lot of space inside. It’s the perfect car to go on road trips! And it looks like you already did, haha! I’m sure you enjoyed your new Volkswagen as you went on your first trip to the beach riding it!

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