Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mixed Media Resin Piece

Phew what a week it was last week, I don't think I stood still! Between rushing to the vet's on Saturday and Missing Kay on Create and Craft, which luckily my Mum recorded so I got to see all the fabulous examples from the other design team members and of course its always a thrill to see your own stuff on the telly too! To meeting up with the fabulous girls in Sheffield Darcy, Donna and Gina, to heading down to the Donington craft show to work for Kay at IndigoBlu in the workshops and the make and takes. Finally got to have a rest today so I thought I would blog my latest mixed media piece which was shown on the telly last week.

First I took some resin paper that I had previously made and stamped the Bare Forest stamp in Flitter glue and used some of the large flaked mega flake on top. 

Taking some pieces of driftwood and rusty wire I created the frame, be careful not to scratch yourself with that rusty wire though!

I could have done the next part simpler but since I usually make things harder for myself than it actually should be I added the image with jump rings.

Then I decided to add the extra wire and gems, they are a light green colour, no idea what they are I found them in a tray in my jewellery supplies tote bag.

I created this with a large loop above so it can be hung in a window, when the sun shines through it looks so pretty!




Elly said...

Fantastic work of art. I really love it (:o)

patcrafts said...

Very very nice clare, love it

sam21ski said...

Fab frame, love how you've used the wood and incorporated the beads

Sam xxx

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