Monday, 22 February 2010

Gutter Girlz Prompt 34

The Gutter Girlz prompt 34 was the perfect inspiration for my moleskine page. Its a very hard subject for me and i spent more time on the background than the writing because i couldnt face the subject. I had a very rough ride with my ex and his family and himself were really quite nasty because my teeth were crooked and i was alittle overweight which fast became alot overweight from all the abuse i received. After having a nervous breakdown and dumping him i felt alot better but i never had a ''smile''. Grandma gave me back my smile in more ways than just cosmetic, but she never got to see the end result. Very hard subject i cant help tearing up even while i write this post so i will leave it at that.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

I Heart Claudine

Whhhoooooppppppp finally Friday arrived and went too quickly!! Had the best day EVER at Art From The Heart, Got to spend the morning with Claudine!!!! Dyan and some of the usual suspects from sunday art journaling!! Sat next to the lovely Olive who kindly took this pic for me.

Cant wait for Claudine to come back to Dyan's!!!

The Circle Journal we are doing at Dyan's has unofficially started, Christine gave me her journal to take home and bring back with me on the 28th Feb to hand in. I have so many ideas on what i want to do!! I never thought that the hard part would be having too many ideas!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Circle Journal

I wasn't feeling too good so i decided to sit in bed and snuggled up with one of the kittles and doodle, while i was looking for a journal to doodle in my hands went straight for the circle journal. Faced with an orange page and having talked earlier about the new Alice in Wonderland film i decided to do my favorite quote. Great for a first page.

Almost finished with my part of the journal and cant wait for the swap to begin.

EEEEEKKKKKKKKKK Claudine's class is so close now, Friday cant come soon enough!!!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Find Your Wings and Soar!! and Patch

EEEKKKKKKK 5 more days till Claudine's Workshop!!!! SOOOOOO Exxccciiiitteeeddddddddd. Can you tell?

Totally relaxing day today at Art From the Heart, It was a small class of only 4 of us but it was one of the best i have ever been to!! And to top it off i actually finished the project in class!!! I am so chuffed with the end piece, really love it.

When i turned the light on to take the piccy of the canvass i noticed this little head glaring at me so i thought i would take a picture of Patch too and really annoy him with the flash, can you tell haha!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

End of month mojo: Gutter girlz

The end of the month mojo over at the Gutter Girlz really got me thinking about the first page of my Moleskine. I choose to do the technique of masking and used a crafters workshop mask that i adore. Writing is very feint in the picture not sure why but it is my favourite quote so to speak, and very fitting for the first page. This is the left side of the previous posts page.

Where shall i begin your majesty? - The White Rabbit

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end, then stop. - The King of Hearts

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

One Year Art Journal: First prompt

I'm a tad late finishing the first One Year Art Journal Prompt as the next one is already up. I found it really easy to do the first part of the prompt: Write down what is stopping you from being creative. The second part is to cover it up and ''banish'' all the reasons to obscurity. I found it really hard and had a total block on what to cover it up with. At Dyan's on Sunday she showed us her new book, The Way Of Fuck It!! so being a yorkshire girl it became ''Fuck it, get on wi it''. Finished it last night with some doodling with sakura souffle pens.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Fab day at Art From The Heart!!!

Had a totally fun day yesterday at Art From The Heart. You might be thinking ''wow what is that great green colour'' Well, Dyan let us play with her own set of the new distress inks!!!! This ones Crushed Olive, the images are Dyan's downloads. This is the Introduction page of my ''Circle Journal''. Dyan is running a small circle journal with the regulars who attend the journaling workshops and i cant wait for it to start. I did a little bit of all sorts yesterday but i had so much fun as always!! Also spent a small fortune as she has the new stamps in stock too!! pretty much the first shop in the world to get them!! Anyhow here is more of what i did yesterday, and some more of the new colours.

This is the first page of the ''Circle Journal'' We are doing the first double spread ourselves in our own journals. The images are from Dyans Downloads available on her shop website.

This is the back page of the ''Circle Journal'' with space for everyone to sign what page they did, and in the new distress ink colour tumbled glass which has now become my favorite colour of all time.

Wild Honey distress ink in my moleskine.

Tumbled glass in my moleskine.

I Still need to finish the front and back cover of the circle journal and the introduction page and the signing page actually and my double page spread too so i will be making another post on them pages soon.
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