Friday, 28 January 2011

My Youtube Video

Ok ok its not an arty video! but I am sure you will love it, this is my cat.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I had an accident and lost the picture for this post, many apologies.

Whats on my desk this week? Well we have new stuffs and a new project. Firstly new stuff, QVC's craft day was pretty rubbish, but I did find something I have been looking for, the dreamweaver picasso tool, so it fell into my basket and arrived this morning with some stencil brushes a sponge and low tac tape that were in the bundle with it. A USA only stampin up punch, I wont say who got it for me because I know they aren't allowed to ship it across the pond, I am very grateful for it tho as it is totally ace! If you can spy it I got a new webcam, my first youtube vid is uploading as we speak. And lastly a fabulous quote book which I made in class at Art from the Heart on Saturday.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Crafting stash for sale

Well moving out is getting closer, having to make a dramatic downsize of my crafting goodness as I will not have the space in my own home that I have at my mom's house so I am adding loads of rubber stamps to my Stash Sale Blog. If you like Magnolia, Sarah Kay and whiff of joy stamps keep checking back as I will be uploading loads of them today and tomorrow as I go through my box's.  All my stamps are well looked after and treated with care! Most are still like new and don't even look used, some aren't used at all. I am doing free postage to the UK But will have to ask for something towards postage overseas.

I would appreciate it if you dont want anything to please spread the word. Thanks


I had an accident and lost the picture for this post, many apologies.


What's on my desk today? Well yesterday was the Ladies who lunch club's monthly meet hosted this time by the lovely Anne who provides such amazing food! This is what we started, I say started as I really underestimated how long it would take to decorate all them boxes! What a nightmare, not one side is the same size so I had to measure every single cut that I made, doing the bottoms of the box was a whole new nightmare, one edge would be 4.7cm the other side 4.4cm. It is all decorated internally now and ready for filling, but I cant say that I will be buying another of these things any time soon.........

Monday, 17 January 2011

Sunday art journaling at Art From The Heart

Fab day at Art From The Heart yesterday, it was art journaling regulars day and everyone seemed to turn up this session which was great. Didn't get to talk to everyone as the class room was full to bursting, so much so we had to put up another table! We had a fab prompt which I didnt get anywhere near finished or even really started for too much yapping! We had a structured hour where we learnt a new technique too. Here is what I did.

Just over 4 weeks to T!M whooot!!!!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Roc's Journal Prompt 1:

From the lovely Anne and Pat's blog's I have come across a fabulous new monthly journaling prompt challenge hosted by a very talented lady called Roc. This month is what colour makes you happy. Here is mine. This project was also created with the new Compendium of Curiosities challenge in mind which is page 60 in the Tim Holtz Book. Several masks were used along with differant distress inks and paint's. The wording is from Tims small alphabet stamp set.


I had an accident and lost the picture for this post, many apologies.

Not my desk but my Erosion Bundle Project this week for WOYWW. You still have time to join in this fab project if you want to, it runs from January to April. Check my earlier posts for more info or go direct to the project's blog.

My bundle is soaked through and getting covered in rust on the outside from the old rusty barbed wire that's on the concrete post, I must remember to be careful, don't want to get scratched by rusting barbed wire that's like 80 years old!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Erosion Bundle Project

Unfortunately I had an accident and lost all my pictures on-line and off line.

I followed the Erosion Bundle Project last year and was very disappointed that I was too late to join in, this year however I have made it! The aim of the project is to wrap up a bundle of goodies and leave it out in the wild elements for a few months. Bring it in and make art from what is inside. This time the project is running from January to April which is perfect for bad weather! I put my bundle out last night and it was already raining so here's hoping for a great erosion bundle!

Due to an accident I have lost this image, sorry.

Book page sprayed with various ink sprays and swiped with ink pads, paper flowers, wood shapes, metal, coloured images, Claudine Hellmuth canvass and watercolour paper. The bundle is wrapped wiht an old cotton shirt and tied with ribbon. The cat foot at the top of the picture is still attached to the cat and not in the bundle!

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