Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Macabre Monday - Marvellous Masking

This weeks Macabre Monday Challenge is Marvellous Masking. I have finally been able to finish one having started off flying and then just being halted in my tracks! Image is stampotique coloured with the new altered originals dye ink sprays by Dyan at Art from the Heart. Loved making this page in my journal it was alot of fun.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Image Transfer With Packing Tape Tutorial

If you like this tutorial please feel free to link it on your blog, but please do not take any of my images or directly copy/paste my tutorial onto your own blog. Thanks.

I cant say that I invented this technique and I really dont know who did but I think its fab!! So I thought after a few people asked that I would do a mini tutorial.

Items required: Printer, Piece of card that will go through the printer, Packing tape, Bone folder, Scissors (maybe a plaster).

Step 1: Cover the card in packing tape. I found it easier to go the shortest distance, you want to keep it wrinkle free and smooth it out flat as you are placing it down. If you have really good coated card and really crap packing tape this process is really simple.

Step 2: Cut the excess off and then burnish it down with a bone folder, don't be tempted to fold the tape round the back, you will have problems with your printer. I left an area at one end with no tape on it as my printers annoying and won't pull it through with tape on it.

Step 3: Find copyright free image/bought downloads and do the usual manipulation to get them to the size you want. Please note: If you print words they need to be backwards!!!!

Step 4: You do have a little play time as the ink wont dry on the packing tape but don't wait too long. Carefully place the images face down onto your intended transfer surface and hold them in place, don't let go until you are done. Burnish the back and presto you have your image transfer. If you hold it all together at one end you can carefully lift the none-held end to check how the transfer is coming on, as you can see on my lady transfer I didn't burnish enough where the line's of tape meet but for this example I am leaving it to show you how not to do it!!

Here's the 3 examples together. Left printed on plain paper, Middle the end result transfer, Right the transfer. The good part about this is you can just wipe off the remaining ink with a baby wipe and use your image transfer card over and over or until in my case the printer chews it up and wont spit it out!!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Art From The Heart Backgrounds Class

Had a great day yesterday at Art From the Heart, it was the backgrounds class and strangely enough mostly filled with the usual suspects from Sunday art journaling. The day was filled with fun and lots of playing and also to use of Dyan's new product, lovely bright dye ink sprays that are just so fresh and bright they are to dye for!! Bad joke I know!!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Stampotique Book

Bit late in showing this one but I have only just finished it!, This book was made in a class at Art From the Heart with the lovely Dyan. It is 3 sheets of water colour paper folded and stitched together then painted and sprayed with ink and lastly some punches and Stampotique images added, love them images, coloured with pro-markers in co-coordinating colours. Front cover above and a few pages below, not taken a photo of all the pages or it would bore you!!.

June Art Journaling Sunday & The Alpha Man Pill!!

June's art journaling class was a fab one, as usual lots of laughs and a fun day all round.  This time we had a structured class where everyone choose a colour without knowing what for then had to make a page only using that colour and magazine images, much fun and quite a hard challenge. The above is my effort.

Onto the Alpha Man Pill!!, I was not believed when I spoke about this fab pill well, here it is in all its glory that my other half takes on a daily basis!!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Another Circle Journal Page

Another page for the circle journal I am taking part in through Art from the Heart. Not sure if I like it, its not come out how I imagined.
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