Sunday, 26 August 2012

Its that time again! E-bay time

Once a year roughly I have a good clean up of my crafts and get abit ruthless and load it all onto E-bay. Take a look throughout the evening and bank holiday Monday, you might find a treasure or two! Its probably going to take me 2 days to list it all! First lot is already up.



Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Good morning, another fabulous day here in West Yorkshire! Whats on my desk today? Well not much as I am in full on pre autumn clean up mode! So here is my latest journal page and the beginnings of another

Enjoy your day


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mixed Media Resin Piece

Phew what a week it was last week, I don't think I stood still! Between rushing to the vet's on Saturday and Missing Kay on Create and Craft, which luckily my Mum recorded so I got to see all the fabulous examples from the other design team members and of course its always a thrill to see your own stuff on the telly too! To meeting up with the fabulous girls in Sheffield Darcy, Donna and Gina, to heading down to the Donington craft show to work for Kay at IndigoBlu in the workshops and the make and takes. Finally got to have a rest today so I thought I would blog my latest mixed media piece which was shown on the telly last week.

First I took some resin paper that I had previously made and stamped the Bare Forest stamp in Flitter glue and used some of the large flaked mega flake on top. 

Taking some pieces of driftwood and rusty wire I created the frame, be careful not to scratch yourself with that rusty wire though!

I could have done the next part simpler but since I usually make things harder for myself than it actually should be I added the image with jump rings.

Then I decided to add the extra wire and gems, they are a light green colour, no idea what they are I found them in a tray in my jewellery supplies tote bag.

I created this with a large loop above so it can be hung in a window, when the sun shines through it looks so pretty!



Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Quick WOYWW today as I am about to jet off to meet up with fabulous friends, some of which I met on here at WOYWW!

Here is the official piccy of my new car eeeee I LOVE it, this ones not mine its off the VW website

And on the weekend in the new car we went to Crosby Beach and visited the Another Place installation by Antony Gormley, Fabulous, got some awesome photo's, like this! Their is about 200 iron men that are 6'4 in height scattered across a 2 mile stretch of beach. We took a picnic and had a lovely day out. Theirs toilettes at 20p a go and a burger and ice cream van at the free car park if anyone is thinking of going. 1 to 2pm is a good time to go as the tide is out. The figures in the distance in the picture are more men not people on the beach.

Thanks for visiting!


Saturday, 11 August 2012

End of a fabulous workshop

Well the most fabulous workshop ever ended yesterday, Timeworn Techniques by Andy Skinner. I had so much fun getting messy and inky and painterly and playing. We had the option to enter a piece by the finish date into a competition with the chance of winning some prizes, here is my piece. I will let you know if I win!

The theme over at Simon says stamp and show is paint it up, since this is all paint I am entering it into this challenge too!

I took some Christmas tree baubles and then used the techniques and created this little steampunk hot air balloon and dirigible army. These will be going on my Christmas tree this year and every year! Might make more in different colours too!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Left Over Rubber

Ever bought new stamps and cut them all out leaving you with a huge pile of rubber that would normally go in the bin? Ever think what a waste I wish I could do something with that? Well here is the answer!

All you need is the rubber, a bag or box that you can seal and a slim jim from IndigoBlu. Take the rubber and arrange it on the slim jim, ink as you would any stamp and stamp away. Create your own backgrounds and patterns. Years ago I saw a lady make exotic animal prints this way but I cant find the link to her to share so if you know who it is please let me know so I can link her up.

Once you are finished put the pieces in a suitable container and save for the next time you want to create your own backgrounds.



Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Whats on my desk today?

Not much! I have been mega busy! My new car arrives today whooop whooop I go pick it up at 4!! So excited!!!!

I did download an old stream of mine and turn it into a youtube vid yesterday. Funny how you can turn a 3 hour live stream into a 12min youtube.

Don't forget to go visit everyone's desks courtesy of the fabulous Julia!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Quick Bookmark

I love love love to read, and I know quite a few people who do also. When you have several books on the go or want to mark a particular passage a scrap of dirty paper is usually the answer for me! Some people turn the corner of the page over or even write on the pages! For the forever in search of a bookmark here is a quick and easy but pretty and practical solution. You can fire these out a dozen at a time, the only thing stopping you is space on the table.

I used some of the goodies in my latest Design Team package from IndigoBlu, the new Royal Peacock Flake with the Flitter Glue and the Enjoy Life stamp plate doodling round the edge with a white sakura gel pen.

Have a great week everyone!


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Assemblage Piece

I am doing a fabulous Andy Skinner workshop and we have the option to enter a final piece to win a prize. My piece is coming close to completion so I wanted to post a few sneaky peeks. Here is the before and after treatment of part of my final assemblage piece.



Wednesday, 1 August 2012

WOYWW 365 Calendar Update

What's on my desk today? It is the 1st of August so that would be my 365 art calendar page! Where has this year gone? Don't forget to pop along to Kate's blog  and Julias blog to add yours to the lists.

August isn't fully stuck down yet as I am getting a new car, hence the car shaped journalling spot. I don't know when I will get it but it is on its way and should be here Friday/Saturday so I don't want to stick it down in the wrong place.
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