Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!!

I have not entertained the idea of new years resolutions this year as they never last past the middle of January and are usually unobtainable anyhow. This year I have decided instead to make obtainable goals, simple things like cleaning up and getting rid of crap, sorting out crafting stash, most importantly I want to find my style. I have spent a year toying with everyone else's style, I think now it is time to find my own style, and get rid of things that are nothing to do with it.

Happy New Year to all!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Merry Christmas everyone

Been a long and trying year, but here's hoping for a better one next year. Merry Christmas to all, cyah after Christmas.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Art Journaling Sunday

Unfortunately I had an accident and lost all my pictures on-line and off line.

Yesterday was art journaling Sunday over at Art from the Heart. Only 6 of us braved the bad weather and made our way to the studio for a day of fun, a little learning of a new journaling technique and allot of messing. My jumper was yellow when I got home! This one is in my large A4 journal and was finished at home last night in bed, so calming abit of colouring in and doodling in bed.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

WOYWW Dec 15th

Its that time of the week again! Is it just me or is the end of this year flying by?

So my desk this week is as usual stuffed full of junk, we have rosettes for decorating the in-laws presents with, they have to look classy so i'm making an effort. Punches to make the rosettes and to make paper ribbon with for said presents. My presents to myself a gypsy!! Arrived yesterday and I am very happy with it. Also got this book, its not bad actually. I haven't finished reading it yet but so far so good. Have a good Wednesday!

Unfortunately I had an accident and lost all my pictures on-line and off line.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


The lovely Flutterby crafter has given me this wonderful award.  I am very thankful to be remembered and grateful that someone thinks I have a good blog!

So now I need to tell you 3 things that make me different from everyone else.

1:  I am as flat footed as a elephant and sound like one when I forget to walk daintily!

2: I can leg press 150kg.

3: I cold turkey quit smoking from pure will power.

And now to pass this on to other fabulous blogger's, but here is the catch, almost everyone has it so I cant pass it on to the required 5. So if you think your blog has attitude then take this award and spread it around!

Couple Journal Pages

Couple of new pages from my molskine journal that I completed in November. The first one is actually purple not blue, no idea why it is showing up as as blue.

The one below is the front page of my journal. It has my address on the left so I have covered it up for the photo.

Stay safe in the snow!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Art everyday in November! Finished!

Well I did it! My goal for November was to do something creative every day and tidy up 10 things. I sailed through being creative every day even while having a nasty cold that could very well have been a mild flu (I have had full on flu before so I know what it feels like). It is easy to squiggle in your journal while sat in bed watching telly surrounded by snotty tissues, but not so easy to tidy up, I failed on the tridy up part of my challenge but I am still very happy that I managed to create, that is what was important to me.

WOYWW 1st Dec

Whats on my desk today? A package from Dina Wakley containing the infamous shaky pens that are only sold in the USA and a journal page for me to stick into my circle journal!! What a lovely suprise, I am totally amazed that we got post this morning, it has been snowing none stop since before I got up and the road is all filled in with snow, how the post lady got here is beyond me! Dedication for you! I think a small pressie is in order for her this Christmas!
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