Wednesday, 25 January 2012

WOYWW Finished Blue Lady

My desk today holds my Blue Lady which is finally finished. She took just over a week on and off and waiting for drying time. I was very concious that she is in my journal and did panic alittle that I would be ruining my previous page which I really really liked LOL.

She was made with very few items, from the Dylusions old line Royal Blue and Pomegranate, I don't know what the new Ranger equivalent will be, but I am sure similar colours will be available. One of my stupid questions to Ben I think! I also used a white Signo pen and a black water soluble pencil.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

My Circle Journal

In February of 2010 I joined in with a fabulous circle journal started by Dyan, it sure was a fabulous challenge but we didn't have enough people to fill all 19 pages in the book. Once I received mine back from the last participant I decided to ask arty friends to do a page. I have now received it back from the lovely and oh so talented Kate Crane who produced this beauty for me! Aren't I lucky! She knows the little dolls in jars freak me out so the page reflects that. I love it! Only 2 more pages to go and I have 2 people in mind to ask to do me a page, fingers crossed they say yes!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Been a bit chaotic this week so far, I think I may have found a house so I could be moved in less than 6 weeks if all goes to plan. On my desk is an update on my blue lady, she is getting close to completion! I am very happy with my progress.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Journaling, New Project and Pan Pastels

First up is the above picture, it is no where near finished. I have decided to go back to my art roots since I went to art school and use the knowledge I have gained in the last 2 years from the crafting world and combine it with what I can remember from art school. She is hand drawn and coloured and has I reckon about 3 hours worth of work left in her, but its all fine detail work which I need natural light for so she has to wait till daytime. She is in my ledger journal and I am sure you will be surprised to learn what I used to make her, but that you will have to wait for when she is finished.

As you can see the above picture was taken in in the evening, the 2 below pictures were taken in daylight, big difference in them.

The above 2 pictures were started at AFTH on Dyan's pan pastel class, had so much fun on this class and now I am in love with this product! The ATC's and tags are winging their way to the USA for Dede to distribute amongst the Ustreamer's.

Annddd last up today is my page from my Sunday journaling regulars group at Dyan's studio. Today was a challenge day and the challenge was to add a spider for Friday the 13th and new years resolutions. We got to trial run some of her up coming CHA products and give feedback on them. Not saying what I used you shall have to wait and see......

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Be my Valentine

This year I decided to get ahead and make my Valentine card for Rich early instead of on Valentines day while he is out of the room making a sammich!  Love these things now I know how to use them! They shall be popping up lots in the future I can guarantee that! You may be wondering why I have added it to my blog so early, Rich doesn't come to my blog as I usually thrust what I have made at him in person so he has no need to. I think I am pretty safe in adding it here now! The fabulous heart stamp is from IndigoBlu.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


On my desk today we have lots of test pieces from playing with pan pastels at Art From the Heat. Also on these pieces are sneaky peeks of some of Dyans new releases for CHA in a few weeks, but I cant disclose what they are so you can guess if you want but I wont be denying or confirming any of your guesses.

And then I have a HUGE parcel received from my lovely art buddy Dar, we did an art work swap and this is what I received in my swap. I am BLOWN away by Dar's talent and kindness! She is the best! You really should go check her out she makes the most amazing stuff! Dar did let me know that she went alittle crazy with stamps, sure made me chuckle!

 Here is everything that was in the package, including a gorgous handmade card with a lovely letter inside!

Dar included so much of her hand made artwork that I really was amazed! A gorgeous little box with a tiny book inside and a special treat a little wire bird nest. The hand made flowers are divine!

And finally the piece of artwork itself, oh wow. I am totally blown away by the pure talent this lady has! Dar turned a book into a purse and decorated it with my most favourite theme - steampunk! I am over the moon! Dar even included a lucky penny to fall out of the wrapping!

Thank you so much Dar you made my year with this beautiful gift!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Ladies who lunch meet

Today was the first ladies who lunch meet up of the year and I must say, we started the year off with a bang! Here is the project. We took a wooden bird house and decorated with Ten Second Studio metal. Fabulous day and really happy with how mine turned out.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


My desk is pretty quiet, I finished my Willowing painting yesterday and attempted to sort out some of my crafting mess shelving which I don't think I have shown so here it is

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New year new projects

Well we have reached 2012. I have a few projects planned and will be joining in on a few challenges and workshops. I have decided to take this ledger that I found within my family's stash and saved from certain damp, decay and mould and use it as my next art journal. Also I have decided that this will be a 1 year journal and plan fingers crossed to have it filled by the 31st Dec 2012, so watch this space.

So here we have the journal, its a Collins Balmoral account book and the first entry was made in June 1982, in my Granddads hand writing.

It is so pretty and the paper is lush to work on, the ink they wrote in though smears if you even think about getting water near it which is a shame.

Here is a view of one of the random pages.

Kate Crane Art Calendar Challenge

I have been saying I would join Kate's challenge every year since she first had the idea but never managed to, this year I am going to follow through with it. Here is my first page no where near done but it has a base ready for writing and doodling on. I am happy with it as it is a blank canvass even though partially decorated waiting for a bit of tarting up as the month progress's.

Willowing's Life book Workshop

Willowing's life book year long workshop has begun, the first task posted. I am not following her idea completely as I want to keep my work in one place for everything I do this year, but I am very happy with the outcome. I may at a later date go back and re do it into her format, who knows the year has only just begun and we all know how fast I can change my mind!
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