Thursday, 28 October 2010

Ladies Who Lunch Club

Well the Ladies Who Lunch Club was in full swing yesterday, but this time we didn't just lunch, we crafted and lunched and gossiped and generally had a real fun day. It is so nice to share ideas and experience with other people that isn't in a classroom, it was very relaxing and much more fun. This is my finished canvass.... I think its finished may add more to it later.....

Freddie Update

Freddie is doing wonderfully!! His operation to remove the leg went brilliantly and it is healing very well. He is running and playing and all in all a happy dog. He did have one little hiccup with the stump, he pulled a stitch out with his head cone and emptied a small pocket of stray blood all over Ian's front room, it looked like someone had been murdered in the room!! He was taken straight to the vet who said it was actually a good thing and it saves them draining it later which would cause some discomfort. Today Freddie made lots of new friends at the dog park and was very tired when they came up to the factory, he is fast asleep in this picture.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Firstly an update on the poor dog Freddie. His leg went bad within a couple of hours over the weekend so he had to be rushed to the emergency vet and have his leg removed. Poor thing, he hasn't had a good start in life at all. But I do believe dogs with 3 legs manage just as well as dogs with 4 so it should all work out in the end.

So onto my desk. All thats on it today is a spending spree from Art from the Heart LOL oh and the usual coffee.

So we have Stampotique cat and midge, 7Gypsies stamp set, Tims mini fasteners and 3 new Dylusions stamp plates. Also got some loose 12X12 papers from graphic 45 in their steampunk debutant range and on the boardwalk range.

Friday, 15 October 2010

A sad story with a good ending (kinda)

When you hear about this sort of thing your first reaction is to go, but why?? I couldnt get my head round it and it has really made me loose alittle bit of my faith in humanity.

Meet Freddie - some sort of Lurcher breed of dog. (the reason for where it is laid is explained later)

Andrew is a farmer, he is a relatively new farmer and has a farm in Cheshire, he shares some land with the farm next door which is owned by an old school farmer. 2 weeks ago in the early evening the sheep were making a fuss, the farmers thought that it was a fox so they went out from 2 sides in their land rovers to take a look, anyone that knows rural farmers know they were gun in hand and ready to protect their livestock. Luckily for Freddie Andrew saw that it was a dog so didn't shoot, as they got closer they saw the damage that had been done to the dog. The old school farmer wanted to put it out of its very obvious misery but Andrew being a dog lover and a big softie wanted to give it a chance, off to the vet Freddie went. The vet explained that it looked like, to him, the dog had been stamped on to break its leg and then it had been thrown over the wall and left to die. Freddie now has 3 pins in his leg and is extremely thin and very much in skeletal condition so had been neglected for some time. Andrew had Freddie at his farm for a few days but with all his other dogs cant give him the attention that a mist-treated dog needs. Enter Ian, one of the people who rents space from my Mom. He went to Cheshire on Tuesday and brought Freddie up here to his home, unfortunately as any mistreated dog he has chewed, he is a big dog........ he has chewed through a door being left alone for only a little under 2 hours. Today after much shouting by the wife he decided to bring Freddie to work. Made him a nice bed and made sure he couldn't get out. I spent an hour with the dog today and it is the most soft, lovely and affectionate dog ever. I sat on the make shift bed with him and he hugged me cleaned me and fell asleep on my leg. Again I ask but why???

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

WOYWW 71 - please vote

Good morning good morning, what's on my desk today? well a vote for you all. I have this metal box I want to decorate but I cant decide how to decorate it, so cutesy Magnolia style or cool Steampunky style, you decide!!

Steampunky: 12
Cutesy:        2

Thanks for looking

Monday, 4 October 2010

Gutter Girlz Prompt 44 - I am

The latest Gutter Girlz prompt is: I am, well that is what I am using from the 3 part prompt. I have had trouble adding my work to their blog so hoping that the problem whatever it was is fixed and I can once again join in. So paint is from Art from the Heart's own range of Dylusions, stamps are Hero Arts and Tim Holtz, lady is Graphic 45 and little girl is Stampotique. Writing was done with a Posca marker.

Dunno what is up with blogger, been trying to add this all day. It refused to upload so I had to figure out the Picassa web album and load it manually into their then add it that way.
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