Monday, 28 March 2011

Sunday Journaling

Sunday saw the regulars heading off to Harrogate to visit Art From the Heart for the monthly journaling workshop. Some times its just a play day, some times its a structured workshop and other day's its a new technique in the morning and a challenge for the afternoon. Sunday was a new technique in the morning and a challenge in the afternoon. You do not have to accept the challenge or join in with the technique, its pretty open and relaxed. The technique was backgrounds with distress stains and the challenge was to use a quote that reminded Dyan of us. My quote was ''He who asks is a fool for five minutes, he who does not ask remains a fool for life'' Quite fitting for me since I phone Ben quite often with stupid questions! Fab day, fab company and lots of laughing. I do enjoy the regulars journaling day, its good to just have a totally you day.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

WOYWW Ranger Prize Opening

Whats on my desk today? why the prize I won from Ranger guess that product competition!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Marie Antoinette Journal Page

I made a comment on the loverly Doon's Blog today after she posted about comic relief and Mother Teresa, she only made a small comment that Mother Teresa is often miss quoted, I replied so is Marie Antoinette. Pretty much if you ask who said ''Let them eat cake'' you will get back Marie Antoinette, this is in fact untrue. It was published in a book in written in 1769 supposedly to be a direct quote from a ''great princess'' regarding peasants and a famine. Marie at this time was actually 13 years old and their was no famine. It is widely believed that Marie Teresa a French Princess that married and became Queen of Spain actually said this a decade before Marie Antoinette was actually born during a famine in Spain. Interesting how things gain grandeur over time that never actually happened.

Project sneak peek

If you guessed a hot air balloon in the WOYWW preview then you were correct! It is taking alot longer than I expected with drying times and construction good enough to make it stable. So far I have used a balloon, book page, distress ink, distress stain, kraft paper, paint, coredinations graphic 45 paper, Wendy Veeci art parts and the centre of a loo roll. It is no where near finished but I do know exactly where I am going with it.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Its that time again! Where is this week going is what I want to know. So can you tell what it is yet? it is in its ugly stage so you probably cant! You will have to watch this space

I had an accident and lost the picture for this post, many apologies.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Steampunk Box Finished

This month I have decided to start finishing projects that were started and never finished, I found I actually have allot of un-finished projects and a couple of paintings that are close to completion but have not been touched for a long while. To start with I have finally finished my Steampunk box that was started towards the end of last year. Not sure what I am going to actually put in it and feel abit down that after writing this it will be wrapped up and put into storage until I move later this year, but at least I can imagine up all the uses for it and where it will end up in my new house


Plant a Tree

Friday, 4 March 2011

More pressies some crafty some just cool!

Unfortunately I had an accident and lost all my pictures on-line and off line.

So we have the coolest Steampunk style jacket and necklace ever!! The necklace is double sided too! Inktense blocks that are brand spanking new and a gift to myself from myself and then the last piccy is some of what was in the box full of goodies from the lovely Mitzi who is the kindest and most loveliest person in the whole world!!! Just a shame she is over the other side of the pond or else I would be a regular visitor to her house!! I was blown away by the graphic 45 Steampunk debutant stamps and matching glimmer screens!! Thank Mitzi you are the BEST!!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

1st Birthday Pressie!!

Surprisingly it's not crafty but it is so totally awesome!!! They are called Sweet Skull O Mine and made by Iron Fist and are my new first love!! Ahh but can she walk in them you ask? Why yes I can.... feel like falling over as they make me like a foot taller but I can walk in them!!! then I have to sit down.

Unfortunately I had an accident and lost all my pictures on-line and off line.
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