Friday, 29 April 2011

Art Journaling Sunday

I am a bit late in posting my pages from the regular Sunday art journaling at Art From the Heart, we had 2 challenges and I managed to do 2 pages instead of yabbering all day! well I did yabber allot too but I am certainly getting faster with my pages!

First challenge was to pick a prompt card that we haven't used for over a year, mine was passion and red, here is my finished page

 The second prompt was on a piece of paper, mine was favourite TV show as a child and an adult. I have already done one on my favourite TV show as an adult, of course its the Sons of Anarchy, so I just did the childhood show, here it is.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Erosion Bundle Reveal

Back in January I joined in with the Erosion Bundle Project. My bundle back then looked like this

Here is how it turned out after 4 months in the wilds of West Yorkshire. I have a few ideas of what to do with the content for the last part of the project, but you will have to wait and see......

Monday, 18 April 2011

Grungy Monday Challenge 4

Good morning folks, today I am so very pleased to announce that I have been given the great honour of being a guest designer for the very new Grungy Monday challenge!! How awesome is that! With me as a guest designer this week is the lovely Gerri who has an amazing blog.

Grungy Monday is a fabulous challenge created by the lovely and so very talented Linda, it was created to celebrate all thing Tim Holtz. Today is challenge 4 which is to incorporate Tim's texture fade distress technique into an artful project. For my project I decided to make a card.

To start: Cut from a Kraft file folder the Tim Sizzix Baroque Die. Follow the instructions in the technique video using Vintage Sepia Versafine ink and the Cuttlebug Clockworks embossing folder. Wipe off the folder straight away, if it is stubborn the use of stazon cleaner helped for me. Stamp onto the Kraft folder the Mini Cirque lettering from Stampers Anonymous and the dress form from the Graphic45 stamps and fussy cut them out. Take your Viva Decor Inka Gold and using your finger distress all edges of the Kraft card you have just cut out. Let dry then buff gently with a paper towel.

Take your A5 card blank and stamp off the edge in Versafine Vintage Sepia ink the butterfly and cog stamps from the Graphic45 Steampunk Debutante stamp set. Using your finger edge the card with Inka Gold by Viva Decor. Once dry buff to make it shine

To Finish: Arrange all elements on the card to make sure you are happy with the layout. Attach the cog with the brad to the baroque die cut  first then secure the die cut onto the card with suitable adhesive. Make sure the hand still spins. With Matte accents glue the two remaining cogs onto the card, I use Matte accents rather than glossy accents because it will not show if the glue seeps out of the edge like glossy accents will. With 3D glue/foam attach the lettering and dress form.

Items used:
Tim Holtz Gears from Art from the Heart
Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous Mini Cirque Alpha stamps from Art from the Heart
Viva Decor inka gold from Craft Den, Sheffield
Kraft card file folders from Staples
Vintage Sepia Versafine ink pad from local craft shop
Card blank from local craft shop
Tim Holts Sizzix Die from local craft shop
Cuttlebug Clockworks Embossing folder from local craft shop
Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante stamps a gift from a friend in the USA

Don't forget to check out the All things Tim Yahoo group for fabulous inspiration!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Whats on my desk today? Well technically the kitchen table as my desk is so small I had to take over another room. I found this fab wooden house in my local craft shop and some fab Alice stamps from Polkadoodles at the Harrogate show along with some metal hardware again at the local craft shop that I just had to have and put it all together and poof here we have the finished item. I made this for the Artistic Stamper layering challenge and finished it today. Its been quite hard with my shoulder injury from my fall the other day, I have apparently bruised the under side of my shoulder blade, me left arm is pretty much out of action from the elbow up. Occasionally my hand is out of action due to tingling and pins and needles which I am told will go away as the bruise fades.

Friday, 1 April 2011

When it rains

It pours

Well I am temporarily out of action and hiding under my sheets from karma since I seem to have royally narked it off. Yesterday I have taken a pretty bad tumble down the back stairs due to my brother being so lazy he could not come to the factory to fix a light, hes an electrician and was asked to do it 3 weeks ago. Due to no light and no window the stairs are quite deadly. I said to my sister the day before ''i'm gonna fall down them stairs one of these days'' Well not even 24 hours after I said it I took a tumble down about half of them. Both knees are black, my right ankle is going black, wrists are black, cant move my left shoulder without shooting pain through it, thought I broke my thumb but haven't its just badly sprained and is black and also had a 2 inch splinter in it. Yep I cried like a baby and called my mum, who didn't answer so I called my Aunty who rushed over and took me to A&E. It was very hard to get out of bed this morning things I never knew I had hurt.

Today to make this week probably one of the worst ever, I wont bore you with all the other issues my cash card has been cloned and someone has gone on a £10,000 spending spree in America. 2 days after my inheritance cheque cleared, I was so busy I hadn't had chance to take it out of the account and put it into a safe one, sods law you say. So my bank account has been frozen card cancelled while they investigate, so I have now alot of faffing to do and since I cant get in the car and drive because I cant grip the steering wheel I need a lift! Did I mention my other half does not drive, hey ho bus service for me!

Hope your week has gone better.......... No it isn't an April fool, tho how I do wish it was!
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