Saturday, 31 December 2011

Someone shoot me now please

Well here's me looking forward to a fabulous new year and a year full of better luck than the last one when I go and ruin it all by running straight into the wheel of my wheely tote bag, of course I had no shoes on. As I shrieked in pain I bent down to grab the hurting area to see my little toe at a strange angle from the middle joint, I touched it and click click click it went straight again then I was on the floor crying like a baby.

Happy New Year from me and my broken toe!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Stampotique Challenge 45

I haven't joined in with a Stampotique Challenge for a while but this one caught my eye. This challenge is to show our dreams, hopes and wishes so I figured that moon girl would be perfect for that. I have only one dream/hope/wish for next year and that is for it to be far better than this year, which lets face it wont be hard to fulfil.

This is a page in my small music journal where I make pages influenced by songs, this particular song is REM, man on the moon. Images stamped with Ranger Archival Black onto vintage music paper.

Stamps used: Moon girl, Great Moon
Background: Crafty Notions Spraypaque Quartz, Shake'n'Spray Plumluscious

WOYWW Last one for 2011

What a long strange trip this year has been, it has had more low's than high's but fingers crossed for a great 2012. On my desk today I have my small 7gypsies ''music'' journal. In this journal I like to do fast pages on songs that I like or like to make fun of in some cases. Here is my latest page. Happy New Year!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

The end of a journal

I have been working in this journal and completed my first page on the 19th January 2010. It feels very strange that I have now finished it - apart from the odd touch up here and their as I get new toys to play with of course. It has been a strange trip, some of the pages have lot of meaning and vent lots of anger, some are just pretty and fun. I have very mixed feelings about this book, its only a book but it has come everywhere with me for almost 2 years. Not sure why I feel strange but I do, maybe a page for my next journal ehh?

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


What's on my desk today? A whole heap of a mess! I stupidly decided to die cut chipboard Christmas shapes and glitter them for my pressie tags, taking longer than I thought it would! Word to the wise don't do it!!!! Oh and a spinney thing that I have wanted forever and found cheap instead of £40 for a brand named one.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Journal page and fab video

I have been pretty busy lately in my journal, have lots of new pages to show! This one was really hard to photograph so sorry its not so good! I found this video floating around youtube and it made me laugh! Enjoy

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