Monday, 29 August 2011

Fabulous weekend!

What a fabulous weekend spent at Art From the Heart. Saturday was mini journalling with the lovely Kate Crane, the usual suspects attended and much fun was had by all. I also got to meet my lovely internet friend GezzyB who is officially no longer only an internet friend! I had the best time ever on Saturday! Here is what I created, not very much you say, I would agree I spent far too much time yabbering!

Sunday was again at Art From the Heart, this time for journalling regulars group, only 5 of us could make it this month but oh my it was a blast! I completed the challenge in class for a change and we spent the whole day laughing our little butts off to old Victoria Wood comedy sketches, here is I can safely say everyone favourite sketch. Ahh you couldn't do that on the BBC now a days!

And this was a project I completed earlier today live on Ustream. Lots of fun!

And to end some random journal pages I have completed recently!

So I had better get a motor on and finish packing my bags, we are off to London tomorrow for a week visiting the in-laws. Have fun everyone and stay safe in these storms!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bad blogger award goes to me!

Sorry for being so crap lately at blogging! Here is some eye candy to make up for it!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Playing with Fimo

Been playing with Fimo lately and made loads and loads of clay pieces, but I have yet to actually make something with all the things I baked... So last night I had a brain wave and finished a piece

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